October 22, 2011

Tow Mater Cupcakes Inspired by Disney's Cars

Ready for some more Disney inspired cupcakes? This time I made some Tow Mater cupcakes. Tow Mater is an adorable character from the Disney's Cars movies. (Check out my other posts for the Alien from Toy Story Cupcakes and Lightning McQueen Cupcakes!)
Many of the techniques that I used in the making of these cupcakes were also used in the making of the Lightning McQueen cupcakes so check out that post if you would like more details. I started by icing the cupcakes with chocolate icing. I have to admit I liked making this cupcake because I didn't have to color any of the icing with food color. I used the icing right out of the containers from the store. What could be easier? Next I placed the little miniature candy bars that I had iced with white icing on the cupcake for the windshield.
I then piped the chocolate icing around the windshield and added black eyes with some decorating Gel icing. Want to know an easy trick for piping icing on the cupcakes? I used a freezer zip lock bag and cut a tiny hole in one corner. It was then easy to put the details on and I was able to throw the whole thing away when I was finished. I like easy clean up!
The teeth came next. I piped them on using the white icing. Remember, Tow Mater has one tooth that is shorter then the other! I added a cookie for the tire in the middle of his hood...
and glued four more cookies onto the sides of the cupcakes with icing. The Keebler Right Bites cookies were perfect tires!
There you go! Tow Mater cupcakes that any child or adult for that matter will love to eat. If you make some of these cupcakes for yourself I would love to hear from you!

October 17, 2011

Disney's Magic Kingdom Scarecrows

On my recent visit to Walt Disney World I totally enjoyed soaking up the extra magical touches that Disney adds to the Magic Kingdom Park during the Fall Season. As I walked into the park one of the first things I noticed were the scarecrows welcoming me.
Such a Divia!
The Mayor was very friendly.
 The Drum Major was great at keeping everyone together 
and marching at the correct pace.
 The drummer was a little too enthusiastic if you ask me! 
 Her hair style is just divine!
 Way to catch that ball!

October 15, 2011

Fall Decor At Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World knows how to decorate for the Fall Season! This Giant Jack-O-Lantern can be found outside of the Magic Kingdom.
Check out City Hall in the Magic Kingdom!
Please excuse the poor quality of this photo but I really wanted to share the adorable Carmel Apples that I found one evening in Downtown Disney at the Candy Cauldron. They were just too cute not to share with you!
Adorable Mickey inspired Carmel Apple Jack-O-Lanterns and Minnie inspired Carmel Apple Witches. Yes, they are adorable!

October 10, 2011

Disney's Lightning McQueen Cupcakes

It was time to make some Disney inspired cupcakes again! In a previous post I showed how to make the Alien cupcakes from the Toy Story Movies.  I was in a baking mood again and since I had so much fun making the Alien cupcakes I headed over to the Disney site to find a Character cupcake to make.  The Lightning McQueen cupcakes from Cars caught my eye.  I made a few small changes to their suggested way of making them, so here is my version!
Lightning McQueen needed a windshield of course, so I took Hershey's Miniatures candy bars and put a thin layer of white icing on the back.  I then popped them into the freezer to harden up and make them easier to handle when it came time to put them on the cupcake. The directions said to use a white candy bar for the windshield but I could not find anything that I thought would work at the store so I used the Hershey's Miniatures instead. I think I like the little candy bars better!
I iced the cupcakes with red icing and added the candy bar windshield. Make sure you push the candy bar down far enough into the icing as it can tilt and fall out if you don't. 
Next, I put some of the red icing into a zip lock bag and snipped a little of the corner off of the bag with some scissors.  I then piped the red icing around the edge of the windshield and added black eyes with some decorating Gel icing.  The directions called for using mini chocolate chips for the eyes but I thought this was easier.
When it came time for the mouth once again I did my own thing. I just piped some white icing on for a fun mouth.  Two yellow M&M's were used for the headlights, and four brown M&M's made up the tires.You may find it necessary to "glue" the brown M&M's on with some added frosting just to make sure they stick. 

There you go...Lightning McQueen to the rescue!
I think they turned out great! They were fun to make and the boys that I gave them to that evening thought they were fun to eat too!
If you make some Lightning McQueen Cupcakes of your own I would love to hear about them!